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TRADEMARK ALERT – Increased Processing Times by CIPO


November 17, 2017

Our firm handles a large number of Canadian trademark filings for both domestic and foreign entities. It has become apparent that the processing times for these applications by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has increased in the past few months. It is now taking CIPO almost a full year to examine a trademark application. This means that when an application is filed, it essentially sits in the queue for almost a year awaiting processing. After an application is examined, there are other steps in the process that must be completed before the application issues to registration. Practically speaking, therefore, applicants need to factor in a nearly two-year timeframe from the date an application is filed until the trademark becomes registered in Canada.

We remind clients that obtaining an early filing date in Canada still provides competitive advantages and allows the applicant to be proactive in its trademark strategy. For example, when comparing two marks that are similar to each other, CIPO will give priority to the application that has the earlier filing date. It is therefore in a client’s best interests to file as early as possible.

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