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Information Technology & Internet Law

Information Technology

Having the appropriate agreements in place to govern the use of, and protect your business' rights to, information technology is part of intelligent IP protection and use.

Our lawyers can assist you in the drafting and negotiation of IT agreements such as:

  • Domain name transfer agreements.
  • Software license agreements.
  • Software hosting (a.k.a. application service provider agreements).
  • Software as a service (SaaS) agreements.
  • Web site and content development agreements.
  • Web site hosting agreements.
  • Web site terms of use, legal notices and disclaimers, including privacy policies.

Our firm can also advise you on Canada's anti-spam laws and assist you with domain name related issues.

Internet Law

In addition to our information technology law services, our firm also assists clients with Internet issues pertaining to the use of copyrights and trade-marks on the Internet. Knowing what your business can and cannot do on the Internet is a key element of minimizing risk in the Internet Age – a key feature of intelligent IP.

Our internet law services include:

  • Advising clients on the Canadian laws governing the use of trade-marks on websites and in keyword advertising.
  • Advising clients on domain name registration requirements, including any applicable country residence requirements.
  • Assisting clients with domain name disputes.
  • Preparing Internet advertising and Internet linking agreements, and advising clients on how to minimize their liability for Internet advising and linking.

Privacy & Information Management

Privacy is a hot topic these days, due in part to the advent of social media and the Internet. It is important that brand owners ensure that their advertising and marketing campaigns comply with local privacy laws to avoid embarrassing privacy glitches that can tarnish your brand and result in government sanctions. Similarly, your business must avoid disclosing consumer and other information to unauthourized individuals, otherwise you business may face not only fines from the relevant government, but lawsuits from the person(s) whose information was compromised. Privacy law compliance and information management are key to intelligent IP.

Our lawyers can advise your business on various privacy and information management marketing issues, such as:

  • Canada's anti-spam laws.
  • Privacy policies for contests.
  • Privacy policies for websites.
  • Canada's "do not call" telemarketing legislation.