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Tanya Keggin

Portrait of lawyer Tanya Keggin
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Throughout my legal career as in-house counsel and in private practice, I’ve worked on iconic national and international brands, namely consumer packaged goods in highly regulated industries. I’ve supported teams across marketing, sales, public relations, corporate communications, regulatory affairs, compliance, quality assurance and operations, and I’ve worked closely with creative and marketing agency partners. As a lifelong learner, I dive deep and reach wide to gain a depth and breadth of legal and business knowledge. I’m driven to understand the bigger picture, and I don’t lose sight of the details. My ultimate goal is to help clients reach their business objectives.    

Fascinated by competition law at school, I pursued this area at the Toronto office of a national law firm where I also practiced corporate and commercial law. When I got a taste of marketing and advertising law, I was hooked. The work engages my mind on an analytical and creative level, allowing me to express my unique blend of skills, talents and traits. My franchise law practice is a natural extension of my interest in consumer-centred businesses. I enjoy working with clients who are dynamic, optimistic and passionate – we share a love of great brands.        

Having a solid understanding of motivations and goals, not just the legal issues, is critical to creative problem solving and building trusting relationships. Because I’m curious about people and want to understand their challenges, I connect easily with junior employees to senior executives, entrepreneurs, regulators and other stakeholders, colleagues, and peers. In my experience, clients often fear that legal compliance comes at the cost of compelling messages and competitive advantages. Sometimes the rules are black and white, and there is a bright red line. But, more often, legal concerns are nuanced with many shades of gray – this is when my collaborative style helps clients achieve an innovative balance of risk and reward.    

It’s a pleasure, and privilege, to guide my clients on their decision-making journeys. When the road gets rough, I have their backs. I appreciate what is at stake for both franchisees and franchisors – the financial and personal investments are high. I help to clarify expectations and obligations and aim to positively influence the development of a trusting and successful business relationship.

In my personal time, I pursue my lifelong passion for art. I strive for a regular creative practice of painting in acrylics and oils. This is a wonderful counterbalance to my analytical legal practice and helps me feel connected to myself and others.               

If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you.