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Franchisor Services

We represent franchisors in a variety of scenarios, including the following:

  • Established franchisors.
  • Companies that are looking to franchise their businesses.
  • Canadian franchisors that are looking to expand cross-border and internationally.
  • Foreign franchisors that seek to expand into Canada.


We are committed to serving you in the growth of your franchise system. We can assist you by providing the following services:

  • Acting as “in-house” counsel to your franchise system.
  • Helping you devise your corporate organizational structure.
  • Protecting your intellectual property, including trademarks, and copyrights.
  • Working together with franchise and business consultants and franchise savvy accountants to ensure that you are legally protected.
  • Structuring the right expansion strategy for your needs by assisting you to consider the various means of expanding your business, domestically or internationally, through the grant of:
    • A license.
    • Unit franchising rights.
    • Area development rights.
    • Area representative rights.
    • Master franchise rights.
    • Joint venture agreement.
  • Preparing Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents to meet your specific needs.
  • Regularly revising Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents to address changes in your system.
  • Preparing particularized forms of the Franchise Agreements, Disclosure Documents and Material Change Statements for the target prospective franchisees and ensuring that the documents are appropriately issued in their complete form.
  • Auditing of existing franchise agreements, disclosure documents, and other legal documentation. We are confident that we can add value to your legal documents and help you address specific concerns regarding your franchise system.
  • Providing you with a legal strategy for expanding your franchise system throughout Canada and internationally.
  • Assisting you to:
    • Onboard franchisees.
    • Manage franchisees by ensuring that they comply with system standards.
    • Remove problematic or poorly performing franchises from your system.
    • Transfer your franchisees to other franchisees.
    • Renew your franchise agreements.
  • Assisting you with your other corporate and commercial matters. When franchising your business, numerous general corporate and commercial matters will arise which require legal input and analysis. We can assist you by preparing shareholders agreements, sales agency agreements, management agreements, license agreements, purchase and sale agreements and various other related agreements.
  • Addressing your problematic franchisees by assisting you to:
    • Audit your franchisee’s books and records.
    • Advise on preventative measures to prevent franchisee defaults.
    • Mediate, arbitrate or litigate with such franchisees and to consider other alternative dispute resolution approaches to resolving disputes with your franchisees.
    • Develop and implement termination strategies.
    • Exercise your rights under personal property security legislation.

The “HOFFER ADLER LLP Franchise Tune-Up”

  • Reviewing and updating of Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document.
  • Examining and addressing systemic defaults by franchisees.
  • Protecting your intellectual property on the Internet and other media.
  • Protecting your intellectual property on the Internet and other media.
  • Preparing and implementing new operating manual policies in lieu of amending the Franchise Agreement.

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