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Franchise Lawyer Toronto

Dedicated Legal Counsel for the Franchise Industry

Franchising is a method of distributing products and services that allow business and brand owners to expand using the capital of others, namely, the franchisees. With franchising, an established business utilizing a brand name or trademark will license a franchisee to leverage its intellectual property, business model, branding, and advertising to sell the brand's products or services. Franchise operations will need to follow a franchise agreement and agree to pay a royalty fee to be part of the franchise network.  

As the leading team of franchise lawyers in Canada, Hoffer Adler LLP will guide you through your franchising journey, whether you are looking to expand your brand domestically here in Toronto, or in Ontario or the rest of Canada or internationally or to begin a new franchised business from scratch or you are simply looking to purchase a franchise.

Explore our full-service offering or contact our Toronto Franchise Lawyer team today to set up an initial consultation.

Franchisor Services

When expanding a business through franchising, the franchisor requires regular support from their legal counsel. The team at Hoffer Adler LLP can assist you by pursuing a legal audit or any existing agreements you have and providing you with legal advice regarding the expansion of your franchise system.

Our team, consisting of Canada’s top franchise lawyers, will help prepare all legal franchise documentation from franchise agreements to leases, assist with personal property security registrations, franchise sales, and assignments, and navigate you through all other corporate and commercial matters.

Franchisee Services

Purchasing a new or existing franchise comes with its fair share of legal matters.  Our team of the top franchise lawyers based in Toronto are dedicated to examining all facets of your business venture, ensuring all due diligence processes are in place and guiding you through any complex legal deliverables.

We will provide you with legal advice to protect your assets and be the negotiator and litigator should you require it against your franchisor. The team at Hoffer Adler LLP maintains that you are our sole focus, and we will provide you with our best expertise to help you proceed with confidence.

Franchising Your Business

There are a few different avenues when it comes to business expansion. Our Toronto based Franchise Lawyer team can help you navigate the unknowns and provide a full analysis of all associated costs and benefits to franchising in relation to your business growth goals. After conducting a thorough analysis, our team will introduce to you franchise consultants, analyze and propose for your particular needs the best method of franchise expansion after reviewing your existing legal structures, draft the applicable franchise legal documentation, take steps to ensure your intellectual property is protected, while providing appropriate updates and modifications to all legal documents.

Cross Border and International Franchising

The world is getting smaller and cross-border and international business expansion are fast becoming the norm. When franchisors expand cross-border and internationally, they must be conduct extensive due diligence and become acutely aware of all laws and regulations in the foreign market they hope to penetrate. For example, many businesses in the U.S. market are looking to expand into the Canadian market, and vice versa. While laws are similar in the two countries, they are not the same; bringing your business across borders without a comprehensive understanding of your new host market is a risky move.

Joseph Adler has over 30 years of hands-on experience helping U.S.-based companies successfully expand their operations into Canada; his expertise has earned him a long-standing reputation as a leader in cross-border franchising.

The unparalleled expertise and experience of our Toronto franchise lawyers will give you the confidence as a franchisee or franchisor to tap into your new marketplace with confidence, knowing that you are compliant with all legal requirements as your business begins its next phase of expansion. Having represented over 525 brands, Hoffer Adler’s Toronto Franchise Lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the timely and effective legal service and advice that your business deserves.