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Our firm is experienced in the litigation of a wide variety of civil disputes in multiple federal and provincial jurisdictions in Canada, at the trial and appellate levels. We are also experienced with alternative forms of dispute resolution.

In addition to participation in alternative dispute resolution as counsel, we also offer mediation services.

We are focused on selecting the most advantageous forum and strategy with which to advance our clients' interests in a cost-effective manner.

We are also sensitive to the needs of our clients while they are engaged in the litigation process, whether they be individuals, small businesses, or large institutions. Communication is a key to ensuring clients are aware of their rights, and of the risks and potential benefits of any court or tribunal process. We endeavor to ensure our clients are well-informed at every step, involved in the decision-making that goes into management of legal proceedings on their behalf, and comfortable with the representation we provide.

At Hoffer Adler LLP, we see litigation as a last resort, not a first one. We will help you identify early opportunities to resolve your dispute without entering into litigation. But if litigation is unavoidable, our dedicated team of litigators will work closely with you to develop a tailored and cost-effective strategy to resolve your dispute.

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