Types of Disputes We Litigate

Hoffer Adler LLP’s litigation team is highly experienced in litigating a diverse range of disputes. Below is a list of some of the disputes our lawyers have successfully litigated on behalf of our clients. Please review the profiles of our individual lawyers for more.

On behalf of franchisors:

  • Franchisee non-compliance with system standards
  • Franchisee rescission
  • Franchisee wrongful competition and breach of restrictive covenants
  • Disputes involving master franchising agreements
  • Disputed terminations
  • Injunctions by or against franchisees

On behalf of franchisees:

  • Claims for rescission
  • Claims for misrepresentation, breach of the duty of good faith, and breach of contract
  • Disputed terminations
  • Injunctions by or against franchisees
  • Disputes with landlords and lenders

Disputes involving lending agreements, distribution agreements, services agreement, agreements for the sale of goods, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements, and business purchase agreements.

Disputes arising from commercial leases, including rent arrears, breaches of exclusive use clauses, force majeure clauses, and repairs

  • Disputes among shareholders concerning their respective rights and obligations under shareholders agreements
  • Disputes involving the oppression remedy and derivative actions
  • Disputes concerning directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Opposing trademark registration
  • Resisting a trademark opposition
  • Disputes concerning the unauthorized use of a trademark
  • Passing off
  • Disputes concerning the unauthorized use of copyrighted works
  • Disputes concerning product liability and privacy
  • Disputes concerning the liability of insurers to pay for claims made pursuant to insurance policies
  • Defending against allegations of professional negligence”

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